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3 photographers to follow on Instagram for education

No matter where you are in your photography journey, there’s always room to learn and grow! The photography community on Instagram can be a great source for not only inspiration, but also education. Many professional photographers offer free tips, resources, and more via Instagram. Some even offer discounts on vendors and cameras for those just starting out! Here are some of October Dreams’ favorite photography accounts for education!

Amy Demos (Amy and Jordan) — @amy_demos

Amy and Jordan are a photography duo who shoot in a light and airy style. They share photo inspiration on Instagram. Meanwhile, on their website, Amy and Jordan offer free tips for photographers, covering everything from posing to lenses to editing styles. Plus, they have online photo classes and business courses!

Jessica Whitaker — @jessicawhitaker

Image by Pok Rie via Pexels

Jessica Whitaker is a great photographer to follow if you like shooting in a bright and colorful style. She often shares side-by-side comparisons of different lenses on Instagram, giving her followers a better idea of which lenses to use during which sessions. Plus, she offers photography business tips, such as how to choose your rates. Jessica also offers 1:1 coaching and downloadable resources on her website.

Katelyn James — @katelynjames

Another light and bright photographer is Katelyn James, who shares general business tips on Instagram as well as editing, posing, composition, and more. Katelyn also offers various courses and downloadable resources on her website.

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