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4 photography Instagram accounts to follow based on aesthetic

Sometimes, you just need a little inspiration. And when it comes to photography, Instagram is the perfect hub for finding that inspo. You can curate a feed with a variety of styles or find accounts that match your photography vibe. Here are some of October Dreams Photography’s favorite Instagram accounts based on aesthetics.

Amy & Jordan (@amy_demos) — light and airy

We mentioned Amy & Jordan when we shared photography accounts to follow for education. They’re a duo with a light and airy style. They share lots of wedding photos, plus adorable content with their family. And as we mentioned before, they share tips and educational resources for budding photographers!

Hand & Arrow (@handandarrowphoto) — moody

If you’re looking for more of a moody vibe, check out Hand & Arrow. They specialize in weddings and elopements in the Pennsylvania/New Jersey/New York area. Hand & Arrow’s photos tend to have darker tones like dark green and burnt orange. They share plenty of creative and super romantic pics, so this account is great for inspiring couples’ photoshoots.

Image by Kaique Rocha via Pexels

Pixels & Prints (@pixelsandprints) — golden and warm-toned

Pixels & Prints Imagery is a great account to follow for a golden and warm-toned vibe. Plenty of golden hour inspo here! There’s also a good variety of themes — pregnancy shoots, weddings, graduations, etc. You’ll find lots of inspiration for family-oriented shoots.

Aubree Toupin Carter (@aubreebellephotography) — cool and natural

Finally, if you’re looking for cool and natural photos, Aubree Toupin Carter is a great photographer with that style. She’s located in Utah and posts everything from weddings to modeling shoots. Plus, Aubree posts Stories of her editing process and shares gear that fellow photographers might like too!

Bonus: National Geographic, Canon, Nikon

In addition to individual photographers, you should definitely follow accounts like Canon, Nikon, and even the National Geographic pages. These photos won’t always have the same aesthetic, but they can definitely serve as inspiration. Plus, you can always expect tips on shooting and gear from camera brands.

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