Freelance Photographer, Greater Reading Area

Hi, my full name is Ashley K. Canning, but you can call me Ash! Ever since I took a photography class in the 9th grade, I’ve been obsessed with the art. For the past 10-ish years of my life, I have been the woman behind the camera, not in front of it. I’m the annoying tourist snapping 100 pictures of the same monument trying to get the perfect angle, and I’m the one my family goes to when they need an updated LinkedIn head shot.

Most of my photography up until recently has focused on documenting the places I’ve traveled. You’ll see photos of Greece, Croatia, Spain, Hawaii, and Italy sprinkled around my site as well. This year, I decided to take my passion to the next level and start to do photography “for real,” scheduling portrait sessions, family sessions, graduation photos, and so much more. I couldn’t be happier since taking the leap! Thank you so much for supporting me just by being here!

A few fun facts about me, since I want us to get to know each other: I have a pit bull named Toro, I’m left-handed, I can’t stand the taste of coffee, I was born in October (hence the name) and my favorite color is blue, though you’ll almost always see me wearing black. My favorite photos to capture are candids. Catching a person mid-laugh brightens my entire day, and I promise when you see them captured, you will feel the same way!

Photography Specialties
  • Solo / Couple / Pets
  • Event / Band
  • Travel
  • Graduation / Senior
  • Group / Family
  • Headshots