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Couple’s Portrait Spotlight: Annabelle & Brandon

It’s August already — what?! We’re total suckers for fall at October Dreams Photography (of course), but we also know that summer is just going by way too fast. Grab time on the beach while you can!

Speaking of beaches, to close out our summer album spotlights, let’s highlight this couple’s shoot with Ashley’s sister, Anabelle, and Anabelle’s boyfriend, Brandon. These simple yet gorgeous photos were taken at Surfside Beach in South Carolina during a family vacation. Ashley had just gotten a new camera and couldn’t wait to test it out.

Gotta get those walking shots! They’re especially beautiful with the waves in the background.

The sky might have been slightly cloudy, but it was still a beautiful day! Ashley couldn’t get enough of this cuddly couple.

Beach photos are the perfect setting for letting the couple stand out without any major distractions in the background. The waves are pretty, but you can’t help but focus on Annabelle’s smiling face!

What do we think Annabelle saw here…? Share your guesses!

There’s nothing like a day by the water with your partner in crime.

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