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Invest in photography education in 2023 with these 4 courses

Here at October Dreams Photography, we believe in lifelong learning. There’s always a chance to learn and improve! We know it can feel like a risky move to invest in online courses, especially if you’re running a small business that could need that money in another area. However, brushing up on your skills can help you bring in more clients and level up your professionalism, so it’s often a smart investment. Here are four photography education courses you might consider checking out in 2023.

Udemy’s Photography Masterclass: $49.99

Whether you’re brand new to photography or more advanced, Udemy’s Photography Masterclass: Complete Course on Photography can be super helpful. The course includes a collection of videos, downloadable content, and assignments. It teaches you all the ins and outs of your camera, including Exposure and Composition, and how to use lighting to your advantage.

Jessica Whitaker’s Photography Business Basics: $99

If you want to study up on the business side of things, we recommend Jessica Whitaker’s Photography Business Basics course. All the legal and financial aspects of owning a business can be intimidating, but Jessica, a professional photographer herself, breaks it down in just 10 easy-to-understand lessons. She also includes an action plan to get the ball rolling on your next steps!

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Katelyn James’ technical courses: $149 and up

Katelyn James, a wedding photographer in Virginia, has a great one-stop shop for photography education. She offers everything from a starter course to lessons in lighting, posing, keeping your style consistent, and even working with a second shooter. You can even buy a bundle of courses to save money.

Amy & Jordan’s The Posing Course: $597

Out of all the things to learn in photography, knowing exactly how to pose your clients might not seem like a high priority. You can just wing it in sessions, right? Wrong. You’d be surprised at how awkward and time-consuming it can be when your clients don’t know what to do with themselves. That’s why Amy & Jordan’s The Posing Course is totally worth the money. The course includes videos and a workbook that teaches you how to find the perfect poses every time. Plus, you can gain access to Amy & Jordan’s private group on Facebook, where you can connect with others in the industry.

We also suggest following these photography education accounts on Instagram and checking out their other resources for free tips and recommendations. Happy learning!

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