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The 5 best basic poses for couple’s portraits

It can seem less intimidating to get in front of a camera when you’re with someone else, especially your partner. But professional photos can also still feel awkward when you aren’t sure how to pose. During your next couple’s portrait session, try out these basic poses to level up your game and create some beautiful memories.

Nose to forehead

This is great for couples with a height difference. Pull each other in a loose hug and look down, so the taller person’s nose touches the shorter person’s forehead, as seen in the left photo above. You can also touch forehead to forehead, or take the opportunity to plant a forehead kiss!

Walking hand-in-hand or arms locked

Whether you’re walking off into the distance or toward the camera, this can be a super cute action shot! And if the wind is blowing just right? *chef’s kiss.* Hold hands, lock arms, look at each other lovingly — whatever feels natural!

Laughing or other candids

OK, so candids aren’t really “poses” per se, but we always like to stress that some of the best photos come from unposed moments. We want to showcase the silly sides of you and your partner because those sides make for the most natural smiles!

A dip with or without a kiss

There’s nothing more classic than a romantic dip in a photo. You can either pick up your partner or lean back; go in for a kiss or just exchange smiles. Either way, try not to drop them! (Even if you do, we’ll still get a photo of it and it will make for a great blooper.)

Sitting and leaning back

If you’d prefer to sit (we all do sometimes), it’s always a good idea to snuggle up to each other on a blanket. Again, sit however you feel comfortable!

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