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Themed Session: Elise’s Birthday Photos

Spring and summer are the best times to get out and experiment with some fun, themed photoshoots. Elise turned 25 in May, and she had the idea to do a “pity party” photo session with colorful props, inspired by Melanie Martinez’s song of the same name.

Unfortunately, things didn’t quite go as planned… the wind really picked up that day and we ended up with a totally different shoot. Still, the photos turned out great and the wind caused some hilarious bloopers. Check out some of the photos below!

After weighing down the tablecloth with whatever we could find, we managed to get one or two proper photos. They turned out really cute!

And then, the wind picked up… What a mess. Still, we’re really glad we captured this moment. The moment all hell broke loose.

Elise’s hair kept getting in the way, and then her cupcake flipped right over from the big gust of wind. Despite the setback, the whole session was filled with laughs.

Thankfully, the wind did die down after we packed up. Womp womp womp. We decided to use confetti to create these dreamy birthday photos instead!

We even managed to get some gorgeous photos of Elise’s newest ukulele. All in all, the session was pretty successful and we ended up with a great variety of photos. Take that, wind!

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